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Forget the mumbo-jumbo advertising hype by other cable companies and their absurdly high prices for inferior and bulky S-Video cables. Get what the pros use. Our Dual 75 ohm S-Video Cable. Made in Japan. "Everyone else's is made in China." Molded S-Video (S-VHS) Cable Assembly with 4-pin mini DIN connectors. Our Dual 75 ohm coaxial cables gives you a very compact and super-flexible cabling solution with extremely low signal loss.


- Super Flexible Flat Siamese Construction.

- Dual 75 ohm impedance coaxial cable.

- High quality 4-pin mini DIN connectors.

The best, at any price.

S-Video Cable, Dual 75 ohm, Made in Japan, 75 ft.

S-Video Cables
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